This is a selection of documentaries Dewald Aukema has worked on. Over 300 documentaries have been photographed over the last 40 years.



A 3 x 1 hour series which explores how the structure of social networks affects how far and fast ideas have flowed through them from the Reformation and witch hunts to the gaint social network platforms of today.

Director: Adrian Pennink for PBS USA

AIB Best International Affairs Documentary nomination


Calling Blighty

Exploring unique 35mm film post cards made in Burma during the 2nd World War for the soldiers families back in the UK.

Director: Paul Berczeller for Ch4 UK

Prison Night

Prisoners in the UK vote for the best prison movie of all time. We look at the story behind these films.

Director: Rob Davies for Ch4 UK


Martin Luther King and the March on Washington

Commemorating the Civil Rights Movement's March on Washington, a pivotal moment in the history of the civil rights struggle in the USA.

Director: John Akomfrah  Producers: David Lawson for BBC 2

Bafta nomination 2014

The Stuart Hall Project

A homage to Stuart Hall, one of Britians foremost cultural theorists.

Director: John Akomfrah for Smoking Dogs Films

Games of Stone

Five films on a group of gem hunters/traders who travel the planet in search of extraordinary gems

Directors: Alastair Cooke, Jim Nally and Tom Pollock


Fit to Rule

Three films investigating whether historically monarchs in the United Kingdom were physically and mentally capable of ruling.

Directors: Eleanore Scoones and Paul Bergzellar for Silver River Productions/BBC 2

King of Rocks

Pilot film that follows the mad adventures of a larger than life group of gem hunters persueing undiscovered gems around the globe.

Director: Alastair Cooke/Double Act for Discovery USA

Dead Famous DNA

Three one hour films following the sourcing of the DNA and eventual drawing of the complete Genome of various world leaders, great artists and scientists.

Director: Rob Davies/Double Act for Ch4 UK


From Tao to Mao

Three part series on the history and contemporary emergence of China as a super power.

Director: Adrian Pennink Producer: Melanie Fall Presenter: Prof Niall Ferguson



This 90 min feature documentary offers a unique insight into the mind and personality of Henry Kissinger, whose profound and often controversial influance on the world is undenaiable.

Director: Adrian Pennink Producer: Melanie Fall for National Geographic

Best documentary New York Film Festival 2011

Western Civilization

Six part series on the rise and demise of Western Civilisation.

Director:Adrian Pennink Producer: Melanie Fall for Ch4 UK Presented by Prof Niall Ferguson


The Red Lion

A unique portrait of Britian viewed through it's pub culture.

Director: Sue Bourne for Ch4 UK

Ghost of Exxon Valdez

Revisiting the social and environmental implications of this disaster 20 years on.

Director: John Akomfrah Producer: David Lawson for BBC 2


Ascent of Money

Six one hour films on the history of money.

Driector: Adrian Pennink Producer: Melany Fall for Ch4 Presented by Prof Niall Ferguson

International Emmy Award for Best Documentary

Harlem in Montmarte

A 90 min film looking at the development of Jazz in 1920's Paris.

Director: Dante James Producer: Marge Smilow for WNET Channel 13 New York


A 90 min feature doc on the extraordinary metamorphoses from unreconstructed bad guy to successful artist that is the life of Jean Marc Calvet.

Director: Dominic Allan

Bafta Nomination 2012


My Street

Exploring the life's of various families and people living in the same street as the director, Sue Bourne.

Director: Sue Bourne for Ch4 UK

Broadcast Award. Best single documentary 2009

For which I am Prepared to Die

A personal journey for director Lindy Wilson, unravelling the inspirational story of her uncle, Roger Bushell, one of the key figures in the great escape during WW2.

Director: Lindy Wilson for BBC Storyville

Music Instinct

Three one hour films on the intricate and poetic relationship between science and music.

Director: Elena Mannes Producer: Marge Smillow for WNET Channel 13 New York

Grand Prix Pariscience "Ast-Ville de Paris"


Marilyn Monroe - Still Life

The life of this 20th century icon though the lenses of some of the greatest photographers of all time.

Director: Gail Levin for American Masters WNET Channel 13 New York


Three one hour films exploring the history of global religious conflict.

Director: Adrian Pennink for BBC2

21Up South Africa

The third film of the 7Up seies in South Africa.

Director: Angus Gibson for Granada TV UK



A 90 min film delving into the dark history of interrogation and torture world wide.

Director: Kate Townsend for BBC2

War of the World

Six one hour films on the history and causes of conflict in the 20th Century.

Director: Adrian Pennink Presenter: Niall Ferguson for Ch4 UK

The Soweto Uprising

Commemorating the June 16 1976 Youth Uprising in South Africa 30 years later.

Director: Kate Townsend for BBC2


Francis Bacon

The work and life of Francis Bacon.

Director: Adam Low for BBC Arena

Emmy Nomination

Empire Warriors - Aden

One of the films in a series looking at the global impact of Empire.

Director: Kate Townsend for BBC2

James Dean - Sense Memories

The life and times of James Dean.

Director: Gail Levin for American Masters WNET Channel 13 New York

The Family

Exploring the lifes of a young Schizophrenia sufferer and his family.

Director: Ewan Marshall for BBC2

In the footsteps of Churchill

A series of films following Wiston Churchills life.

Director: Harvey Lilly for BBC1


Degas and the Dance

The work and life of Edgar Degas, focussing on his ballet works.

Director: Misha Scorer Producer: Marge Smilow for WNET Channel 13 New York, Arte France and BBC2

2003 Peabody award, Spring 2004 Spring Golden Eagle award, Grand Prix de la Qualite de L'Image Festival International du Film, Pedagogique 2004

It will Never Last

Love across global cultures.

Director: Kate Townsend for Ch4 UK

The Last Tommy

Two one hour films on the last surviving Tommy's who fought in WW1.

Director: Harvey Lilly for BBC1


Flight 587

An anatomy of an air disaster.

Director: Adrian Pennink for BBC2

Great Britons - John lennon

Director: Kate Townsend BBC1

The Life and Times of Count Luchino Visconti

Director: Adam Low for Arena BBC2

Emmy Award for best Arts Documentary 2003


A dramatised documentary on Prince Albert.

Director: Kate Townsend for BBC2


Two one hour films out of a series of six on the British Empire. Africa.

Director: Adrian Pennink for Blakeway/Ch4 Presenter: Niall Ferguson



Remarkable love stories

Director: Sue Bourne for Ch4 UK

Murder in Paradise

A dramadoc exploring the bizarre murder within an expat Englidh Family living in South Africa.

Director: James Kent for Ch4 UK

Undercover Cops

Two one hour drama-docs looking at the real undercover activities of the police in the UK today.

Director: Edmund Coultard for Blast Films/Ch4 UK

The Making of the Misfits

A 90 min documentary exploring the process behind producing "The Misfits".

Director: Gail Levin Producer: Marge Smilow for WNET Ch13 New York


One man living between the analogue and digital worlds

Director: John Akomfrah for Smoking Dogs Films/Sidus Corporation Korea

Little Woman - A day in the life of a Tweenager

A documentary dealing with the phenomenon of "Tweenagers".

Director: Kate Townsend for BBC2


A Death in the Family

Exploring a bizarre family murder in London.

Director: John Akomfrah for Blast Films/Ch4


Two one hour films on the life and films of Akira Kurosawa

Director:Adam Low for BBC Arena/NHK Japan/ WNET Ch13 New York

Cine Guild Golden Eagle Award Washington, Prix Italia Finalist


The Wonderfull World of Louis Armstrong

An 80 min retrospective film on the life and music of Louis Armstrong.

Director: John Akomfrah for Smoking Dogs Films/BBC1

SASC Visible Spectrum Gold Award for Cinematography

14Up South Africa

The 2nd film in the 7Up series

Director: Angus Gibson for Granada UK


The socio-political implications of the Toxteth uprisings in Liverpool in 1981

Director: John Akomfrah for Smoking Dogs Films/Ch4 UK

First prize at Asian Digital Film Festival 2000

Louis Theroux's Wierd Weekends - White South African Seperatists

Louis meets the South African white right.

Director: Kate Townsend for BBC2


Child abuse in South Africa

A film exploring this frightening problem in South Africa.

Director: Tom Roberts for October Films/Ch4 UK

Call of the Mist

Esoterically investigating the moral/ethical/existencial issues surrounding cloning/genetic engineering.

Director: John Akomfrah for Smoking Dogs Films/BBC2

SASC Visible Spectrum Gold Award for Cinematography

The History of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe

A three part series exploring the historical and contemporary reality of this extraordinary country.

Director: John Bridcutt for MBC/BBC

Full Frontal in Flip Flops

Observing naturism in the UK.

Director: Don Boyd for Anglia/ITV


Pilger's South Africa

John Pilger critically analysing the ANC in post apartheid South Africa.

Director: Alan Lowry for Carlton TV UK

The Mission - Elephant translocation

Translocating Elephant family units across Africa - series mission.

Director: Sue Bourne for BBC1


The Wall and the Colour Bar - Co photography

Nadine Gordimer explores the political and social parallels between two cities - Johannesburg and Berlin.

Director: Hugo Cassirer for German TV

Martin Luther King

Exploring the contemporary legacy of MLK.

Director: John Akomfrah for BBC2

SASC Visible Spectrum Gold Award for Cinematography

Norman Foster - Economics of Architecture

Looking at fiscal politics in architecture on a global scale

Director: Don Boyd for BBC2

Death in the Family

Gillian Slovo's journey into her past so as to enable her to come to terms with the relationship with her parents, Ruth First and Joe Slovo.

Director: Adam Low for Ch4 UK

Alan Patons Beloved Country

Alan Patons remarkable life seen through the eyes of family and friends.

Director: Catherine Meyburgh

Ananti Best Documentary and Cinematography Award

Awarded Alumi Top Achiever of the Decade. Faculty of Information Sciences, Pretoria Film School



Exploring the ethics of organ transplants, South Africa section.

Director:Tony Stark for BBC2


A global look at the contemporary status of woman across the planet.

Gail Singer for Canadian Film Board

Ordinary People

A one hour special on one day in the life of President Mandela.

Director: Harriet Gavshon for Mail and Guardian TV

Heart of Darkness

Visually exploring the inherent racism in Joseph Conrads  Heart of Darkness.

Director: Adam Low for BBC2

The Cheese and the Worms - Voices from the Dark

Historian Carlo Ginsberg explores the cosmology of Dominicco Scandella, a 16th century Miller/heretic.

Director: John Akomfrah for Ch4


Mandela  (Principal Photography)

The authorised documentary on the life of President Nelson Mandela.

Directors: Angus Gibson and Joe Mennel Producers: Jonathan Demme, Chris Blackwell

Oscar Nomination for best Documentary

African Footsteps

Three films set in African countries exploring the people and the spaces the inhabit.

Director: John Akomfrah and Andrew Snell BBC2

Welcome to the Human Race

The final film in a trilogy tracing the role that four woman played in the struggle for a just and democratic South Africa.

Directors: Betty and Matthew Wolpert. French German CoPro

The End of Apartheid  (Co-photography)

Three one hour documentaries featuring the decision makers behind the dramatic political transformation in South Africa between 1990 and 1994.

Directors: Steward Lamsley and Mick Gold for Brain Lapping and Associates BBC1


The Babe Business

Money, Fame, Exploitation and Failure in New Yorks modelling scene.

Director: Don Boyd

Plane Song

Rhythm and movement in an African Landscape.

Director: Deborah May for british Arts Council and BBC2


Aids in Africa

Investigating the long term economic implications of Aids for the Africa continent.

Director: Allison Hooper for BBC2

Education - A Basic Haman Right

Dealing with the Education Crises in South Africa

Director: Kevin Harris for the ANC Education Department

A Travelling Song

A Poetic and Razor Sharp investigation into the historical and contemporary injustices within the mining industry in South Africa.

Director: Lindy Wilson for Ch4 UK

Man God and Africa

The extraordinarily popular Zionist/Christian/Spiritual Church in Southeren Africa and it's inner workings.

Director: Don Boyd Producer: Nick Frazier for Ch4 UK

SASC Visible Spectrum Bronze Award for Cinematography

Aunt Betsie and her Traitor Grandson

Hendrik and Betsy Verwoerds wayward ANC supporting grandson.

Director: Clive Edwards for Thames TV


An African Ride

Four part series documenting a continuous horseback journey from Botswana to the border of Sudan to propagate the then revolutionary wildlife management concept of sustainable utilisation.

Directors: Tessa Fleischer, Catherine Meyburgh and Dewald Aukema

We Jive Like This

Youth Theatre, Poetry and Dance mixed with the turbulent townships of 91 South Africa.

Director: Deborah May for British Arts Council

Soweto  (co photography)

Six one hour films documenting the history of Soweto.

Director: Angus Gibson for University of the Witwatersrand History Department

Mandela in West Africa

Nelson Mandela's first post release visit to West Africa to thank Ghana and Senegal for their support of the ANC after it's banning in 1960 by the  South African government.

Director: William Kentridge


Conversations with Soweton Golfers

Exploring the emerging black middle class in South Africa.

Director: Angus Gibson for Ch4 UK

Act of Union

Understanding the historical and contemporary relationship between the UK and South Africa.

Director: Lucy Hooberman for Ch4 UK

Rebirth of a Nation

Newly independent Namibia birth pains.

Director: Kevin Harris

Township Fever

The life of playwright/Director Mbongeni Ngema

Director: Francis Gerard for BBC2


After the Battle

Juxtaposing the life's of Cuban and South African soldiers during and after the Angolan/South African war of the 1980's.

Directors: Estella Bravo and Kevin Harris for Cuban TV


No Easy Road to Freedom

Swapo's role in liberating Namibia from it's South African oppressors.

Director: Kevin Harris


Lighting design for Janrt Suzman's production of Othello.


Classified People

Exploring race classification in South Africa.

Director: Yolande Zaubermann for Arte

The Island

A conversation with three men, all who spent most of their live's on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela.

Director: Lindy Wilson for Ch4 UK

A Cry of Reason

The life of Beyers Naude, a prominent Afrikaner theologian who rejected his own people by commiting his whole life to fighting apartheid.

Director: Kevin Harris

Oscar Nomination for best Documentary


Girls Apart

Comparing the lifestyles of two 14 year old girls, one white and one black.

Director: Chris Sheppard for BBC2

Freedom Square and Back of the Moon

A dramatised documentary looking at the removal of Sophiatown residents by the Verwoerd regime in the 1950's.

Directors:Angus Gibson and William Kentridge


The life and times of Steven Biko, founding father of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa.

Director: Terrance Francis for the BBC


Founder member of Free Filmakers

A non-profit organisation with the aim of producing anti apartheid films and providing film education for people who were previously denied this by the apartheid regimes catastrophic policy of "Bantu Education"

Other members: Angus Gibson, Patrick Shai, William Kentridge, Ramalao Makhene, Arthur Molepo, Harriet Gavshon, Eddie Wes, Tony Bensusan and Siphiwe Khumalo.

The Ribbon

The Role of Women in the struggle for a democratic South Africa.  

Director: Harriet Gavshon

Simon Ngubane - Still on Strike

Looking at the Metal and Allied Workers Union struggle against oppression in South Africa.

Director: Melany Chait for Ch4 UK



Gently exploring at the age old sustainable relationship between man and nature in Kosibay

Director: Angus Gibson


Practical year, clapper loading, focus pulling and shooting various short films.


Film School. Higher Diploma in Film Production, Graduated with Honour